Sunday, 25 October 2015

Improving Your Relationship


From experience, I have learnt about things that can improve my relationship and make myself and my boyfriend feel happier. Some things are so simple, and it's more about how much you want it. If you want something to work, you'll put your all into it. So from that, here's my first piece of advice:

1. The amount of effort you  or your partner puts in most likely reflects on how much you actually want it to work. If someone isn't bothered, they aren't going to be doing what they need to. If you feel like you really do want the relationship to work, ask yourself if the effort you are making is for your own benefit or for theirs. Are you doing what makes them happy? Are you putting yourself in their shoes? Do whatever you can to help improve your relationship. This may be as simple as making the effort to go and see them if it is usually the other way round, or buying a small gift, or doing the little things that they like.

2. Accept situations that have happened and move on. You can't hold onto the past. Accept it. Try and understand what happened and why. Holding a grudge won't help, it is important to get to the bottom of it and look into why it happen. However, it is important not to pass blame onto yourself.

3. Communicate with each other. If there is an issue or something is wrong, you need to talk it out. Holding it in will make you feel worse and things will build up. When things build it, it may become more toxic. Simply speaking about things can make you both get things off your chest and find a solution.

4. Don't be stubborn. Sometimes you need to put someone else first and put yourself in their shoes. Not doing something because you want to be stubborn means you will probably make things worse. It isn't hard to just do something for someone else. That may be just giving them a hug, or not going out that night because they want you home.

5. Socialise with your friends. Constantly spending time with your partner and not your friends isn't healthy. You need those relationships with your friends to stay strong otherwise you'll find yourself feeling lonely. If you stop socialising with them they will start to think you aren't interested. Friends are vital and they will be there for you to give you advice and support. If you are always with your partner you may find yourself getting on top of each other and getting on each others nerves. Go and see your friends for some space.

6. Spend quality time together. Go for walks, a weekend away, to the movies or for dinner. Just go and do things that you don't usually do and appreciate the time you are spending with them. Having these memories will give you happy times to reflect on. If you find yourselves doing the same things like sitting at home watching TV you will get bored.

These are just a few things that are so simple but so important. It can be so easy to stop putting in the effort or doing that extra bit because you start to become lazy in the relationship. However, try getting back into it as soon as you start to notice that is what you are doing. Sometimes out relationships start to become less happy and fun but that doesn't mean you don't want to be with them, it just means you've lost your ways and need to get back into doing the right things for you and your partner. It's all about working together and finding out what you both need to have a successful relationship.

Love, Megan xo

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