Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Back To Blogging


     Lately I've got back into reading blogs, re-downloaded the Bloglovin' app and spent most of my spare time browsing through various blogs about all sorts of topics. I used to be blog and YouTube obsessed but when I was in college and working all the time I just found myself not even having the time to even take the interest anymore. However, that has now changed! 
     I now just work full time, and although I have little spare time now I like to use that time to relax and that includes reading blogs! Doing this has really made me want to work on my blog again and start fresh. I'm constantly thinking of blog posts to write and then never get round to doing it, I think mainly because I have a fear of it not turning out how I envisioned... but I have to start somewhere. I just need a little hobby to be able to focus on and and so I can de-stress and wind down. 

     My blog end up having so many varied topics, but that's what I love about a blog. I love being about to sit browsing someones blog and reading about all sorts of things from beauty to life to how-to's and diaries. 

If you happen to pop by, leave your blog link in the comments and I will check it out. Any advice and tips would be appreciated! 

With Love, Megan xo

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